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The list below shows works dedicated to or inspired by Morton Feldman. There are currently 237 works listed.

Composer Work Title (Date) Instruments
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (1998-2003)
[A set of 21 pieces, a selection from which may be played in any order; one piece features the voice of Morton Feldman]
Piano, CD
Leo Abrahams Scene Memory (2006) Electric guitar, digital processing
John Adams Eros Piano (1989) Piano, orchestra
John Luther Adams The Far Country of Sleep (1988) Orchestra
John Luther Adams Strange and Sacred Noise (1997)
[5th Movement: clusters on a quadrilateral grid 1 - To Morton Feldman, for 4 marimbas]
Percussion quartet
Alien Planetscapes (Doug Walker & Carl Howard) The Morton Feldman Landspeed Record (1987) Electronic music
John Allemeier Chasing Feldman Violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion
Oren Ambarchi & Thomas Brinkmann The Mortimer Trap (2012) Electronic music
Charles Amirkhanian Loudspeakers (1990) Text composition on words spoken by Morton Feldman
Martin Archer A game of poker with Morton Feldman (1995) Cello, synthesizer, electronics
Arved Ashby For Morton Feldman (1992) Violin, piano, handbell
Robert Ashley Morton Feldman Says (1970) Text piece for two performers
Christian Asplund From Morton to Tom (1995) Guitar, piano
Christian Asplund The Wind (2006/7) Piano
Kevin Baldwin For Morton Feldman (2012) Flute, clarinet, piano
Todd Barton Homage Morton Feldman (2015) Buchla Music Easel (analog synthesiser)
David Beardsley as beautiful as a crescent of a new moon on a cloudless spring evening (2004) String quartet
Simon Bertrand Berceuse (in memoriam Morton Feldman) (2012) Viola, ensemble
Jonathan Besser Homage to Morton (2008) Orchestra
Chester Biscardi Companion Piece (for Morton Feldman) (1989) Version 1 (1989): Contrabass, piano
Version 2 (1989/91): Piano solo
Michael von Biel Für 2 Klaviere I, II, III (1960/61) (für Morton Feldman) 2 pianos
Harrison Birtwistle La Plage - Eight Arias of Remembrance (1972) Soprano, three clarinets, piano, marimba
Bitter Harvest (Scott Mackay) Remembering Rothko: A tribute to Morton Feldman (2011) Electronics, percussion
Michael Blake Grey Clouds (in memoriam Morton Feldman) (1987)
[A transcription of Liszt's "Nuages Gris"]
Two clarinets/bass clarinets, guitar, marimba, viola, cello
Bleak House:
Dag-Filip Roaldsnes
Kim-Erik Pedersen
Tore Sandbakken
Trio for Morton Feldman (2010)
[From the CD "Dark Poetry" (Creative Sources Recordings, cs209, 2012)]
Prepared piano, saxophone, percussion
Pietro Borradori Epigram for Morton Feldman (1987) Solo flute
Pierre Boulez Eclat (1964/5) Fifteen instruments
Reiner Bredemeyer Der Morton Feldman in meinem Leben (1987) Cor anglais, percussion, piano, guitar, viola, double bass
Albert Breier String Quartet 2 (1988): "To the memory of Morton Feldman" String quartet
Timothy Broege Elegy in Memory of Morton Feldman (1987) Piano
Mark Steven Brooks The King of Buffalo (1999/2000) Electronic music
Arturas Bumsteinas What Happened Between Tristan And Isolde (2001) Flute, clarinet in b, violin, piano(or tape)
Warren Burt 63 Whispers in Memoriam Morton Feldman (1989) Bb clarinet, percussion, viola, bass, piano
John Cage Imaginary Landscape No.4 (March No.2) (1951) (For Morton Feldman) 12 radios
John Cage Music for Piano 3 (1953) (For Morton Feldman) Piano
John Cage Scenario for M. F. (1986) A speaker
Marco Cappelli After "The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar" (2004)
(a transcription of Feldman's "Piano Piece 1964")
Electric guitar
Francesco Cardone Nocturne (dedicated to Morton Feldman) (2013) Flute, harp, piano, viola
Robert Carl Duke Meets Mort (1992) Saxophone quartet
Derek Charke Electroacoustic Study No. 10: Study in Air (dedicated to Morton Feldman) (2009) Electroacoustic music
Richard Chartier How Things Change (2002) Electronic music
Brian Cherney Déploration (in memoriam Morton Feldman) (1988) Harpsichord
Desmond Clarke Hommage á Morton Feldman (2009) Eleven players
Douglas Cohen Why Morton? (Morton Feldman in memoriam) (1989) Cello, two pianos
Gyula Csapó XPÓHOI - in memoriam Morton Feldman (1989-92) String quartet
Alvin Curran Schtetl Variations (in memoriam Morton Feldman) (1987) Piano
Gualtiero Dazzi All'alba della trasparenza (1995-6) Violin, cello, accordion
Michael Denhoff ENIGMA (Motto), hommage à Morton Feldman (No. 40 from the pianocycle, Hebdomadaire op. 62) (1990) Piano
Michael Denhoff Hauptweg und Nebenwege (1998)
Part II, No. 7 (to Morton Feldman)
String quartet, piano
Michael Denhoff Sounds and Shadows (1999)
(to Morton Feldman and Franz Schubert)
Three versions:
a) Piano, string quartet, viola (or clarinet in A)
b) Piano, viola (or clarinet in A)
c) Piano solo
Michael Denhoff Strophe 12/12A/12B (2009)
(to Morton Feldman)
Three versions:
12) Clarinet
12A) Violin, flute, vibraphone and/or piano
12B) Cello, guitar/harp
Brett William Dietz Glockenspiel and String Quartet (Hommage a Morton Feldman) (2012) Glockenspiel, string quartet
Charles Dodge Viola Elegy (in memory of Morton Feldman) (1987) Viola, computer processing
Carolyn Downie Echoes (for Feldman) (2005) Piano
Matthew Easton Trio (for Morton Feldman) (1988) Flute, clarinet in A, cello
Ivo van Emmerik Valise (1993) Flute, piano, percussion
Mariano Etkin Arenas (a la memoria de Morton Feldman) (1988) Piano
Ferran Fages WHAT MIGHT OCCUR (Rereadings of Triadic Memories by Morton Feldman for acoustic guitar and sinewaves) (2015) Acoustic guitar, sinewaves
David Felder In Between (1999) Solo percussion, chamber orchestra
Barbara Monk Feldman The I and Thou (1988) Piano
Simon H. Fell Morton's Mobile (Composition No. 53) (2000) Improvising ensemble
David Fennessy Piano Trio: Music for the pauses in a conversation between John Cage and Morton Feldman (2010) Violin, violoncello, piano, pre-recorded soundtrack
Dave Flynn Against Feldman (2007) Guitar quartet
Christopher Forbes I Met Feldman in Cyberspace (2002) Violin, vibraphone, piano
Christopher Fox More light (1987/8) Piano
Luca Francesconi Herzstück: Vbis - Hommage à Morton Feldman (2012) Six voices
Bernd Franke I met Feldman at the crossroad... (the way down is the way up) (2002)
[based on sonnet by D. Bengree-Jones]
Soprano, string quartet
Justin Friello String Quartet No. 6 (Elegy for Morton Feldman) (2005/6-2007) String quartet
Fred Frith The Previous Evening Part II (Homage to Morton Feldman) (1997) 3 pianos, clarinet, percussion
Ivar Frounberg A Dirge: "Other Echoes Inhabit The Garden" (1988) Accordion, orchestra
(Also in a version for solo accordion (1994))
James Fulkerson For Morty (1987) Trombone, piano, tape
James Fulkerson For Morty Feldman II (1991) Tuba solo, pre-recorded tape
Karsten Fundal Ballad for Symphony Orchestra (1987/8) Orchestra
Beat Furrer Lied (1993) Violin, piano
Harley Gaber Omaggio a Feldman (1965) Two pianos
Orlando Jacinto Garcia The German Archer (1985)
(Dedicated to Morton Feldman)
Flute/alto flute, clarinet, percussion
Orlando Jacinto Garcia September 1987 Piano
Orlando Jacinto Garcia For Morton (1987) Cello, percussion, clarinet
Orlando Jacinto Garcia In Deference to the King (1989) Chamber Ensemble
Orlando Jacinto Garcia On the Eve of the Second Year Anniversary of Morton's Death (1989) Unaccompanied chorus
Orlando Jacinto Garcia September 2007 (Remembering Morty) Piano, percussion
James Gardner burr (to the memory of Morton Feldman) (1997): First of "Three Shadow Pastorals" Bass clarinet, viola
Peter Garland Jornada del Muerto, Movement 1 "Hermit Songs", Section 4 (to the memory of Morton Feldman) (1987) Piano
Peter Gena For Morton Feldman (1988) Piano
Peter Gena Elegy for MF (1989) An extended digital realization of Part I of For Morton Feldman (1988)
Anthony Genge In Memoriam: Morton Feldman (1988) Bass flute (flute), percussion, piano
Stephen Gibson The Straits of Morton Feldman (1980/84) Solo cello
Malcolm Goldstein Sounding the Fragility of Line (In memoriam for Morton Feldman) (1988) Solo violin
(Also in transcriptions for solo cello, violin & cello duo)
Malcolm Goldstein a cultivation of field (for Morton Feldman) (2005) Orchestra, or chamber orchestra of various, unspecified timbres
Joost van de Goor Voor Morton Feldman (1987) Carillon
Michael Gordon XVI (1993) SATB, 16 voices
Michael Zev Gordon On Memory, Part 1: this departing landscape (to the memory of Morton Feldman) (2004) Piano
Daniel Goyone For Morton Feldman (2004) Piano, percussion
Bernhard Günter Then, Silence (2000) Electronic music
Bernhard Günter Fuyu no Ame (For Morton Feldman) (2002) Electronic music
Peter Michael Hamel Sophrosyne 87 (Morton Feldman in my life) (1987) Alto flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano
Peter Michael Hamel Piano for Morton Feldman (1987) Piano
Peter Michael Hamel Morton Feldman in my life (1994/95) Alto flute, violin, marimba, piano
Peter Michael Hamel Contemplation about some chords of "Christian Wolff in Cambridge" Piano
Peter Michael Hamel Vom Klang des Lebens (Of the Sound of Life) (1992-2006) Part IV: In Memoriam Morton Feldman Piano
Gregory Hamilton Hommage à Morton Feldman (2016) Organ
Till Hass Visitenkarte für Morton Feldman (2009) Piano
Christos Hatzis Mortiferum Fel (1985-90) Accordion, flute, oboe, bassoon trumpet, French horn, trombone, percussion, string quartet
Christos Hatzis Nadir (1988) Recorder (or flute), viola, tape
Paul Hayes Pre-Prelude for Morton Feldman [1926-1987] (1987) Piano
Martin Herraiz 2 etudes for guitar (2003)
No 2 (homage to Morton Feldman)
Solo guitar
Stephen Hicken What stays with me (1988) Saxophone trio
Rozalie Hirs Transarctic Buddha (2000)
(A response to Feldman's "The King of Denmark")
Solo percussion
Rozalie Hirs For Morton Feldman (2002) Electroacoustic tape
John Hood Whispers (2004) Improvised guitar duets
Nathan Hubbard Shards Of Memory (for Morton Feldman) (2000) Orchestra
Christian Huygen Material Witness, For Morton Feldman (2015) Two cellos, bass
Didrik Ingvaldsen Brooklyn Conversations Nos. 5, 6 & 7 (2007) Jazz quartet
Robert Frederick Jones Sangeet (1990) Voice, piano
Henry Kaiser Sun Ra, Stockhausen, and Feldman Walk Into a Bar on Saturn (2013) Guitar
Reinhard Karger Alphabet 87 (for Morton Feldman) (1987) Eleven virtual violins
Udo Kasemets Vertical Music: In remembrance of Morton Feldman (1987) Any seven instruments, preferably of the same family
(Also available in piano duet version)
Udo Kasemets Vertical Taps for Morty (1987) Snare drum solo
Csanád Kedves Égszínkék (hommage à Morton Feldman) (2015) 2 cimbaloms, piano, bass clarinet, cello, double bass, electronics (tape)
John Kennedy Chant (1988) Three players with three large drums each
Kenneth Kirschner October 13, 2001
and other pieces
Electronic music
Ernesto Klar enTroPia - per Morton Feldman (1998) Instrumentation A (original): Alto flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet in Bb, horn in F, tenor trombone, bass trombone, violin, cello, double bass, drum kit.
Instrumentation B: Alto flute, 2 alto saxophones, tenor saxophone, 2 trumpets in Bb, 2 horns in F, tenor trombone, bass trombone, tuba, electric guitar, double bass, piano, vibraphone, drum kit, percussion
Matthew Lee Knowles A Tribute to Erik Satie and Morton Feldman (2006) Cello, piano, clarinet
Matthew Lee Knowles For Morton Feldman (2008) Piano
David Kosviner [zal] (1991/2) Music for 16 voices in 4 groups
David Kotlowy of shade to light (2001) String quartet
Wlodzimierz Kotonski Bucolica: Morton Feldman in memoriam (1989) Flute solo
Kevin M Krebs Passages (for Morton Feldman) (2007) Electronic music
Larry Kucharz 10 Piano Pieces 1973 Piano
Meyer Kupferman I Remember Morton Feldman (1997) Clarinet, piano
Wim Laman Elegy & Totentanz - In Memoriam Morton Feldman (1999) String quartet, bass clarinet
Leigh Landy O Faccia D'una Luna
(Section 3. To Morton Feldman: Soft and Low) (1975)
Dominique Lemaître Orange and yellow, hommage à Morton Feldman (2009) Two violas
Octavio López Autumn Rhythm in Summer (1999) Two cellos
Ross Lorraine Still (homage to Morton Feldman) (1997) Flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, piano, percussion, with 3 unspecified soloists
Michael McCandless For Morton Feldman (1988) Piccolo/flute/alto flute (optional bass flute), oboe/English horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, cello, marimba/glockenspiel, piano, offstage violin
Jackson Mac Low Lucas 1-29 (In Memoriam Morton Feldman) (1990) For one or more instrumentalists
João Madureira Portraits - Literary Studies for piano, No 8: Morton (dedicated to Morton Feldman) (2013) Piano
David Mahler After Morton Feldman (1987-88) Piano
Giovanni Maier Ode to Morton Feldman (2014) Jazz ensemble
Bunita Marcus But To Fashion A Lullaby For You (1988, revised 1998) (In Memory of Morton Feldman) Piano
Bunita Marcus Lullaby (2002) (For Morton Feldman) Piano
Stephan Mathieu Radiance IX: Feldman (2017) Entropic system for percussion, strings and loudspeakers
Chris Meloche Endgame (for Morton Feldman 1926-1987) (1987) Electronic music
Boško Milakovic Continuous (Hommage à Morton Feldman) (2009, rev. 2010) clarinet, cello, piano
Josué Moreno for Clarinet and Accordion HaP (2008) Clarinet, accordion
Stephen L. Mosko For Morton Feldman (1987) Flute, cello, piano
Raphael Mostel Wyrd (in memoriam Morton Feldman) (1990) Tibetan singing bowls, Aztec clay flutes
George Mowat-Brown Marching Song (1988) Percussion sextet
Simon Nabatov For M.F. (2005) Piano, cello, drums
Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson Voices and Instruments (2012)
(Homage to Morton Feldman)
Youth voices, instruments
Chris Newman Celtic Lullaby (1985)
(Morton Feldman zugeeignet)
Kai Nieminen Poems from Standstill Time and Silence (dedicated to Morton Feldman) (1991) Piano
Jordan Nobles Chronostasis (dedicated to Morton Feldman) (2013) Marimba, vibraphone, piano
Ilza Nogueira In memoriam Morton Feldman (1988) Soprano, percussion
Uwe Oberg Quartet Nr. 74 (to Morton Feldman) (2002) [from the album "Dedicated"] Bass, drums, piano, saxophone
Vidna Obmana In memory of Morton Feldman (2001) Electronic music
Vidna Obmana An Opera for Four Fusion Works (2006): Act Three - Reflection on Scale (In memory of Morton Feldman) Electronic music
Larry Ochs Tracers (for Anthony Braxton and Morton Feldman) (1993) Saxophone octet
Larry Ochs Certain Space (dedicated to the piano musics of Feldman, Scelsi, and Cecil Taylor) (2001) Saxophone quartet
Erik Oña Pet (1993) Cello, double bass, two percussionists
Paul Paccione Stations: to Morton Feldman (1987) Piano
Randall Martin Packer Knossos, in memory of Morton Feldman (1988) Percussion, piano
Marcello Panni Tre Danze (1987) (No 2, in memory of Morton Feldman) String quartet, piano
Andrea Di Paolo ARCAICA (2011) (4th movement: In memoriam Morton Feldman) Percussion ensemble (4 players)
Andrea Di Paolo In Quiete for Morton F. (2014) Flute, harp
Andrew Pekler Strings + Feedback (2005) Electronically processed samples
James Perone Morton Feldman is Dead and His Body Has Decomposed (1997) Clarinet, violin, viola, cello
Alfred Peschek Salute to Morton Feldman (1970) Eight voices
Dax Pierson & Robert Horton Pablo Feldman Sun Riley (2006) Melodica, cello, voice, pre-recorded khaen
Larry Polansky 34 Chords: Christian Wolff in Hanover and Royalton (1995) Electric guitar
John Prokop flute, voice, vibraphone, piano (1995) Flute, voice, vibraphone, piano
John Prokop violin & marimba/vibraphone (1995) Violin, marimba/vibraphone
John Prokop cello & marimba (1997) Cello, marimba
John Prokop New England, Late Summer (2003) String quartet
Patrick Pulsinger
Pamelia Kurstin
Hilary Jeffery
Rozemarie Heggen
Besides Feldman (2010) Modular synthesizer, theremin, trombone, double bass
John Rea Portrait of a Man in Elysian Fields (1989) Piano
John Rea Las Meninas: VII. Reverie: Variation 12: à la mémoire de Morton Feldman (1990-91) Piano
Mike Richard Morty 1 (1999) Improvising pianist
Mike Richard Morty 2 (for Lucky and Merv) (2000) Improvising pianist
Steve Roden Stasis (2002) Electronic music
Dean Rosenthal For Morton Feldman (1998) Electronically collaged music and speech samples
Mikel Rouse A Lincoln Portrait (In Memory of Morton Feldman) (1987) Chamber ensemble: Mikel Rouse Broken Consort
Justin Henry Rubin Currents (2000) Bass clarinet, piano
Marc Sabat Intonation for MF 1 & 2 from Les Duresses: a book of music in Just Intonation (2004) Solo violin
Gabriel Santander Kelim for Morton Feldman (2009) Wind quintet
Sinan Savaskan Green Plastic Vase
Purple Plastic Vase
Public Transport
(Three occasional pieces, 1977)
Dedicated to Morton Feldman
Flexible instrumentation (three or more players)
Andreas C. Schmidt slow motion emotion nos. 1 - 30 (2008) Piano solo
Urs Peter Schneider Käfig: Septett, Quintett, Terzett (1961/2 rev. 1992) Variable instrumentation (always with piano ad lib)
Bart Schurink Piece for Morton Feldman (1969) Piano
Wolfgang von Schweinitz Franz and Morton, singing together in harmony (with the LORD himself enjoying his bells) Op.33 (1993-94) Violin, cello, piano
Rodney Sharman September (1987-1989) Three guitars
Rodney Sharman Dark Glasses (1988) Baroque flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass
Kawai Shiu twenty six eighty seven (in memoriam Morton Feldman) (2010) Alto saxophone
Jon Siddall Chorale for Morton Feldman (1978) For unaccompanied chorus (SATB) or for 4 unspecified instruments
Howard Skempton A Humming Song (1967) Voice, piano
Howard Skempton Piano Piece 1969 Piano
Howard Skempton Toccata (in memory of Morton Feldman) (1987) Piano
Howard Skempton Notti stellate a Vagli (2008) Piano
Marco Smaili Morton Feldman Sings Love Songs (2012) Guitar
Linda Catlin Smith Infinity (1987) Soprano, clarinet, piano
Linda Catlin Smith Zart (1989) Piano
Mark G. So Time Capsule (2002) Bb clarinet, harp, piano
Mark G. So Projected Thoughts (2002) Viola, piano
Juan María Solare blaue Rose [blue rose] (2005)
(inspired by Feldman's "A very short trumpet piece")
Ann Stimson Mirage (1988) Oboe, piano
Karlheinz Stockhausen Refrain (1959) Piano, celesta, percussion
Morton Subotnick The Other Piano (2007)
[To the memory of Morty Feldman]
Piano, electronics
Atli Heimir Sveinsson Epilogue - Morton Feldman In Memoriam (1987) Wind quintet
Mike Svoboda Lalala, lalala (Interlude #11) (1999) 3 trombones, taped voice (Feldman lecturing)
Toru Takemitsu Twill by Twilight (In Memory of Morton Feldman) (1988) Orchestra
James Tenney Quintext I-V: Five Textures for String Quartet and Bass, Part I "Some Recent Thoughts for Morton Feldman" (1972) String quartet, bass
James Tenney Form 4 (For Morton Feldman) (1993) Variable ensemble (at least 16 players: woodwinds, brass, strings, pitched percussion)
Augusta Read Thomas Piano Etudes (1996-2005): #5 Rain at Funeral - Homage to Morton Feldman Piano
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer Boogie For Morton Feldman (1990-1992) Version 1 (1990 ): Alto sax, trombone, viola, cello, double bass, drums
Version 2 (1992 ): Flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, cello, piano
David Toub mf (2004) String quartet
Andrew Toovey String Quartet Music (1987) String quartet
Andrew Toovey For Morton Feldman (2006) Ensemble
Andrew Toovey Smeared (2006) Orchestra
Ilhan Usmanbas Messages for Feldman (1999) String quartet
Ken Vandermark Hbf series for Morton Feldman (Hbf 1 - 5) (2001) Trombone, bass, drums, saxophone, clarinet
Ken Vandermark Beck and Fall (For Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldman) (2002) Baritone saxophone
Vert (Adam Butler) JellyRollMortonFeldman (2005) Piano, electronics
Vert (Adam Butler) JellyRollMortonFeldmanTwo (2008) Piano, electronics
Charles Waters After/Feldman (2004) Clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba
John Wiggins Untitled (Dedicated To Morton Feldman) (2011) Electronic music
Graham Williams Elegy, In homage to Morton Feldman (2008) Solo viola, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet
Maxim de Winter For Morton Feldman (2012) Electronic music
Wobbly (Jon Leidecker) Feldmen (1998) Electronically processed sample
Mike Wofford Quietsville (Homage to Morton Feldman) (1998) Piano, bass, drums
Daniel Wolf Planxty (Morton Feldman Died Last Week at Sixty-One) (1987) Piano
Christian Wolff Summer (to Morton Feldman) (1962) String quartet
Christian Wolff For Morty (1987) Vibraphone, glockenspiel, piano
Christian Wolff Another Possibility (2004) Electric guitar
Christian Wolff Variations on Morton Feldman's "Piano Piece 1950" (2008) Piano
Walter Zimmermann Hypneros (für Morton Feldman) (1987) Cello, piano
Joseph Zitt feldMorph Any number of voices
Serei Zsolt Twenty-one Fragments of Melodies [Huszonegy dallamtöredék] (In memoriam Morton Feldman) (1988) Ensemble
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