Morton Feldman Jazz Tributes CD [Morton Feldman Page]
A CD compilation of jazz pieces written as homages to Morton Feldman. The pieces are brought together here for the first time on one CD. The liner booklet includes two photos of Feldman by Irene Haupt and original notes on the pieces by the composers.
Jazz tributes CD cover Mike Wofford: Quietsville (Homage to Morton Feldman)
Ken Vandermark: Hbf series for Morton Feldman (Hbf 1-5)
Ernesto Klar: enTroPia (per Morton Feldman)
Robert Carl: Duke Meets Mort
Larry Ochs: Tracers (for Anthony Braxton and Morton Feldman)
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer: Boogie for Morton Feldman [First recording]
Daniel Goyone: For Morton Feldman
Charles Waters: After/Feldman [First recording]

Total Time 78 minutes

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