Morton Feldman: Interview Excerpts

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Jan Williams with Morton Feldman
Jan Williams (right) with Feldman at the time of the interview.
Photo by Bunita Marcus.
The audio clips below are taken from Jan Williams' interview with Feldman which took place in Feldman's appartment on West Ferry Street, Buffalo, on 22nd April 1983. The clips are made available here by kind permission of Jan Williams. Also available is a transcript of the interview.
  • mfclip1.mp3 (553K) - Feldman on the inspiration for his solo percussion piece The King of Denmark (1964), referred to here as The King.
  • mfclip2.mp3 (491K) - Feldman on the origin of his early graphical notation.
  • mfclip3.mp3 (559K) - Feldman on the beginnings of the influence of oriental rugs on his music, Instruments III (1977).