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  1. Finding Aid for the Morton Feldman Papers, 1950-1999, at the State University of New York at Buffalo Music Library: A comprehensive online guide to this collection of Feldman's papers.
  2. Edition-Peters: Publisher of Feldman's works until 1969.
  3. Universal Edition: Publisher of Feldman's works from 1969 onwards.
  4. Bunita Marcus: Website of the fellow composer, inspiration and intimate companion of Feldman throughout the last decade of his life.
  5. Photos of Feldman: Many photos of Feldman and others in the Photo Gallery on Peter Gena's website.
  6. Orlando Jacinto Garcia: Homepage of the Cuban/American composer whose music has been influenced greatly by Feldman's aesthetics.
  7. In Search of an Orchestration: Online feature about the graphical score of this piece by Feldman.
  8. Articles on Feldman by Volker Straebel: Texts (in German and English) by Volker Straebel, including his liner notes for the CD, "Morton Feldman: First Recordings - 1950s" (Mode Records CD 66).
  9. Program Note for "Triadic Memories": Notes written by Louis Goldstein to accompany his performances of Feldman's piano piece, "Triadic Memories".
  10. For Stefan Wolpe: Liner notes by Steven Johnson for the CD recording of this piece on the New World Records label (80550-2).
  11. Slowly Watching Memory - An analysis of Morton Feldman's "Rothko Chapel": An essay by Dániel Péter Biró.
  12. Feldman's Composition for violin (1984) - Extended Just Intonation in interpretative practice: An essay by Marc Sabat.
  13. Shadings in the Chromatic Field: Intonations after Morton Feldman: An essay by Marc Sabat.
  14. MUSIC; Where Minimal and Maximal Meet: An article by Kyle Gann from the New York Times, February 17 2002, on String Quartet II and Feldman generally.
  15. In Dispraise of Efficiency - Feldman: The text of a lecture given by Kyle Gann at Seattle Art Museum as part of their "Morton Feldman Marathon" on January 27, 2008.
  16. The Art of Touch: Programme notes by Philip Thomas for the four concerts in which he played Feldman's solo piano music in October 2002.
  17. « Nec tecum nec sine te » Language-Music Interplays in Musical Responses to Samuel Beckett: PhD dissertation by Diana Kupfer (University of Heidelberg, 2012). Includes a detailed discussion of Feldman's "Neither".
  18. Remembering Eberhard Blum (1940 - 2013): Recollections by his close friends and colleagues.
  19. Eulogy for Eberhard Blum, 5th April 2013: by Volker Straebel (in German). Also available in English.
  20. For an interesting set of notes on Feldman's For John Cage (and other writings) by Paul Zukofsky, visit The Feldman liner notes can be found at
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