Morton Feldman Discography: What's New?

Date of update Recordings added CD label
4 Aug 2020 Palais de Mari performed by Igor Levit Sony Classical (19439786572 [2CD])
11 May 2020 Two Intermissions, Intermission 3, Intermission 4 performed by Svetozar Ivanov Gega New (GD419)
7 May 2020 Coptic Light, String Quartet and Orchestra performed by Arditti Quartet, ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Michael Boder, Emilio Pomarico Capriccio (C5378)
15 Mar 2020 The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar performed by Gabriele Zanetti Da Vinci Classics (DVC00119, 2019)
17 Jan 2020 For John Cage performed by Darragh Morgan and John Tilbury Diatribe Records (No CD number, 2020)
29 Dec 2019 Extensions 3 performed by Tomoko Mukaiyama No label (No CD 9596, 1996)
29 Dec 2019 Why Patterns?, Intermission 6 performed by Ensemble L'Art pour L'Art, Alfons Kontarsky, Siegfried Mauser Amati (SRR 9016/1, 1994)
15 Sep 2019 Only performed by Sara Stowe Metier Records (MSV 28593)
30 Aug 2019 Patterns in a Chromatic Field performed by Mathis Mayr and Antonis Anissegos Wergo (WER 73822)
3 Aug 2019 Morton Feldman Piano: 28 works for solo piano performed by Philip Thomas Another Timbre (at144x5 [5CD set])