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10 June 2023 * Leeds (UK)

Lotte Betts-Dean, mezzo-soprano
Leeds (UK), Howard Assembly Room
Source: Concert website

22 June 2023 * Blythburgh (UK)

Work for Two Pianists (1958)
Pavel Kolesnikov & Samson Tsoy, pianos
Blythburgh (UK), Holy Trinity Church
Source: Concert website

9 July 2023 * Brunswick, Maine (USA)

Structures for String Quartet
JACK Quartet
Brunswick, Maine (USA), Studzinski Recital Hall
Source: Concert website

11 July 2023 * Boulder, Colorado (USA)

Structures for String Quartet
JACK Quartet
Boulder, Colorado (USA), Chautauqua Auditorium
Source: Concert website

22 July 2023 * Portland, Oregon (USA)

The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar
Daniel Reyes Llinás, guitar
Portland, Oregon (USA), Performance Works NW
Source: Concert website

27 July 2023 * Valthermond (Netherlands)

For Bunita Marcus
Paul Komen, piano
Valthermond (Netherlands), d'Rentmeester
Source: Concert website

19 August 2023 * Darmstadt (Germany)

String Quartet and Orchestra
Fabrik Quartet * Frankfurt Radio Symphony * Pierre Bleuse cond.
Darmstadt (Germany), Lichtenbergschule
Source: Concert website

19 September 2023 * New York City (USA)

Extensions 1
Projection 1 (performed on violin)
Vertical Thoughts 2
Piano Piece (to Philip Guston)
Spring of Chosroes

Miranda Cuckson, violin * Conor Hanick, piano
New York City (USA). New York Studio School
Source: Concert website

18 January 2024 * Antwerp (Belgium)

For Samuel Beckett
HERMESensemble * I SOLOISTI * Manoj Kamps cond.
Antwerp (Belgium), DE SINGEL
Source: Concert website

10 May 2024 * Manchester (UK)

Rothko Chapel
Manchester Collective * Ruth Gibson, viola * Sansara choir
Manchester (UK), The Bridgewater Hall
Source: Concert website

9 June 2024 * Vienna (Austria)

Rothko Chapel
Company of Music * Benedict Mitterbauer, viola * György Handl, celesta * Hannes Schöggl, percussion * Johannes Hiemetsberger, cond.
Vienna (Austria), Konzerthaus
Source: Concert website