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Dean Rosenthal: For Morton Feldman (1998)
for electronically collaged music and speech samples

For Morton Feldman, of one minute's duration, comes with a short story. The piece came along as the result of a commission from my composition teacher, Morton Subotnick, who asked me to write a series of short pieces to be broadcast on the radio. Not long after, this piece, and others, were broadcast on KUNM in New Mexico.

Morton Feldman's portrait, combining his speaking voice, as recorded at a lecture at CalArts in the 1980's, with the music of his early years, interprets his sentiments, so well-known, to reflect his art: the new freedom, a fulfillment of what Varèse called "the liberation of sound".

Dean Rosenthal, 2010

Download an mp3 of this piece here: www.cnvill.net/mfrosenthal.mp3 (0:52 minutes, 1.0Mb)

Read a detailed account of the piece here: www.cnvill.net/mfrosenthal.doc