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Morton Feldman Texts: Structured Short Index

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  1. Introductory articles:
    1. Morton Feldman: by Paul Griffiths.
    2. Music on Canvas: by Damon Krukowski.
    3. Panic or Paradise - American Abstract Expressionism and the music of Morton Feldman: by Wilfrid Mellers.
    4. American Sublime: Morton Feldman's mysterious musical landscapes: by Alex Ross.
    5. Morton Feldman: by Universal Edition. (Also in German.)
    6. Morton Feldman: Triadic Memories - An Introduction: by Stephen Whittington.
    7. Morton Feldman: For Aaron Copland (1981): by Alexandra Matloff.
  2. Biographical articles / personal reminiscences:
    1. Morton Feldman: 14 Year Old Composer, Pianist and Actor!
    2. Encounters with Feldman: by Chester Biscardi.
    3. PUT THIS DESIGN IN YOUR CARPET: Feldman, Biscardi and Partovi
    4. Coming Face to Face with Feldman: by Richard Bjorkman.
    5. Über Morton Feldman Sprechen: by Eberhard Blum.
    6. Three Articles on Morton Feldman by Eberhard Blum: English translations by Ken Edelson.
    7. Notes on Morton Feldman's The King of Denmark: by Eberhard Blum. (Also an English translation of the text.)
    8. Morton Feldman and Soloists: by Eberhard Blum.
    9. Memories of Morty: by Mark Steven Brooks.
    10. Feldman at the Piano: by Gavin Bryars and Michael Tilson Thomas.
    11. Four Extracts from Silence: by John Cage.
    12. A Feldman Chronology: by Sebastian Claren.
    13. In the Shadows with Feldman and Beckett: by John Dwyer.
    14. Feldman at Guston's Funeral: by Ross Feld.
    15. Recollections of Morton Feldman: by Ivar Frounberg.
    16. Interview with John Tilbury: by James Gardner.
    17. On Morton Feldman (1967): by Philip Guston.
    18. Introduction to "Spaces": by Tom Johnson.
    19. Four Artists in a 'Mansion': from Harper's Bazaar (July 1952).
    20. Photo Portrait by Kay Harris, 1959.
    21. Feldman meets Beckett: by James Knowlson.
    22. A Memory of Morton Feldman: by Hadassah Markson.
    23. Guston and Feldman: by Musa Mayer. (Also in German.)
    24. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country (1964): by Charlie Morrow.
    25. Morton Feldman, The King of Denmark (Realization date, 1964): by Max Neuhaus.
    26. For Philip Guston: On the broken friendship between Morton Feldman and Philip Guston: by Ton van Os.
    27. Love at First C-Sharp: by Zahra Partovi.
    28. A Journey through the world of Morton Feldman - An Interview with Chris Villars: by Zahra Partovi.
    29. Encounters with Morton Feldman: by Elliott Sharp.
    30. Morton Feldman's "Glass Sequence": by Daniel Stern.
    31. Eulogy for Eberhard Blum: by Volker Straebel.
    32. Looking for the space between the notes: by Nils Vigeland.
    33. Interview with Bill Berkson: by Chris Villars.
    34. Interview with Wilfrid Mellers: by Chris Villars.
    35. Henry Crown: Daniel Stern's "Portrait" of Morton Feldman: by Chris Villars.
    36. Morton Feldman in My Life: by Chris Villars.
    37. Morton Feldman Family Tree and Early Family History: by Chris Villars.
    38. Softly - A GIANT STEP: An Interview with Zahra Partovi: by Chris Villars.
    39. Morton Feldman's Madame Press: by Chris Villars.
    40. A Journey Through Time: Feldman's New York apartment circa 1966, plus short film: A Journey Through Time.
    41. Karen Phillips - A Chronology: by Chris Villars. (Also in German.)
    42. Christian Wolff on Feldman.
  3. Concert programme notes / concert reviews:
    1. New York - Feldman's Music: by Dore Ashton.
    2. The Eternal Footman's Snicker: Thoughts on Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories: by Luke Berryman.
    3. Note on Feldman's "Trio for Flutes": by Eberhard Blum.
    4. Feldman2: by Tom Chiu.
    5. And the quartet played on -- and on, and on ... : by Rich Copley.
    6. Performing Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2: An Interview with Tom Chiu and Max Mandel of the Flux Quartet: by Ryan Dohoney.
    7. String Quartet No. 2: by Ryan Dohoney.
    8. Morton Feldman at Darmstadt 1984: by Lisa R. Dominick.
    9. Morton Feldman Projekt: by Karlheinz Essl.
    10. Morton Feldman - An Event: by James Fulkerson.
    11. Painter Envy: by Kyle Gann.
    12. Almost Too Beautiful: by Kyle Gann.
    13. The Premiere of "Triadic Memories": by Adrian Jack.
    14. Three Feldman Articles from The Village Voice: by Tom Johnson.
    15. Introductions to / Program Notes on Works by Morton Feldman: by Raoul Mörchen.
    16. On Morton Feldman's "Flute and Orchestra": by Veniero Rizzardi. (Also in English.)
    17. Feldman Draws Blood: by Greg Sandow.
    18. Surviving Feldman's Second String Quartet: by Francesco Sani.
    19. A Note on "The King of Denmark": by Steven Schick.
    20. Feldman Program Note: by Rodney Sharman.
    21. On Patterns in a Chromatic Field: by Erik Ulman.
    22. Feldman at Edinburgh International Festival 2004: by Graham Urquhart.
    23. Three Feldman Concert Reviews: by Chris Villars.
  4. CD liner notes / CD reviews:
    1. Feldman - String Quartet (II): by George Albon.
    2. A Reflection on the Genesis and History of "Three Voices": by Joan La Barbara. (Also in a slightly different French version.)
    3. Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus: by Sebastian Claren
    4. Patterns in a Chromatic Field: by Arne Deforce.
    5. The Ecstasy of the Moment: by Frank Denyer and James Fulkerson. (Also in French and in German.)
    6. Triadic Memories: by Jean-Luc Fafchamps.
    7. Morton Feldman Three Voices: by Juliet Fraser.
    8. Morton Feldman - Voices and Instruments: by James Fulkerson.
    9. Composing by Numbers: by James Fulkerson.
    10. Structures for String Quartet (1951): by Lejaren Hiller.
    11. Ist nicht Morton Beckett...Samuel Feldman...? : by Hans-Peter Jahn. (Also in English and in French.)
    12. On Performing Feldman's "For Philip Guston": by Petr Kotik and Walter Zimmermann.
    13. On Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus: by Marco Lenzi. (Also in Italian.)
    14. Four Feldman Choral Works: by John McCaughey.
    15. "On the True Art of Playing the Music of Morton Feldman": by Siegfried Mauser.
    16. 'Late Works with Clarinet' - Interview with Carol Robinson: by Alan Nicholson.
    17. To be in the silence - Morton Feldman and painting: by Mats Persson.
    18. Early and Unknown Piano Works: by Veniero Rizzardi.
    19. Morton Feldman (and Crippled Symmetry): by John Rockwell.
    20. Morton Feldman's Early Piano Pieces: by Howard Skempton.
    21. La Musique Monochrome de Morton Feldman: by Christian Tarting.
    22. On Playing Feldman: by John Tilbury. (Also in German.)
    23. Notes on Playing Feldman (2016): by John Tilbury.
    24. Notes on Three Feldman Recordings: by John Tilbury.
    25. CRI American Masters - Morton Feldman: by Nils Vigeland.
    26. Morton Feldman on CD: by John Warnaby.
    27. Feldman CD Liner Notes: by Peter Niklas Wilson. (Also in French and in German.)
    28. Leinwände und Zeit-Leinwände - Anmerkungen zu Morton Feldmans Filmmusiken: by Peter Niklas Wilson. (Also in English and in French.)
  5. Book reviews:
    1. Review of The Graph Music of Morton Feldman by David Cline (CUP, 2016): by Spencer Allman.
    2. Morton Feldman - NEITHER: by Eberhard Blum.
    3. Neue Bücher über Morton Feldman: by Raoul Mörchen.
    4. Index to Give My Regards to Eighth Street: by Alan Nicholson.
  6. Analytical and interpretative essays:
    1. Intermission 4 - Feldman's Cinderella piece?: by Spencer Allman.
    2. Music and Painting: by Dore Ashton.
    3. "Between Categories": Hearing Palais de Mari: by Adam Baratz.
    4. Une Interprétation de la Musique de Morton Feldman: by Vincent Barras.
    5. Morton Feldman e l'Espressionismo astratto (Morton Feldman and Abstract Expressionism): by Gianmario Borio. (Also in English.)
    6. Regarding Morton Feldman's music and wherever it all now goes: by Clark Coolidge.
    7. Toward an Art of Imminence: Morton Feldman's Durations III, No. 3: by Thomas DeLio.
    8. Last Pieces #3 (1959): by Thomas DeLio.
    9. Impressions Between the Lines: Some Digressive Reflections on Morton Feldman's Nature Pieces: by Daniel Ender.
    10. A propósito de Morton Feldman (On Morton Feldman): by Mariano Etkin. (Also in English.)
    11. Sobre el contar y la notación en Ives y Feldman (On counting and notation in Ives and Feldman): by Mariano Etkin. (Also in English.)
    12. Morton Feldman et la clairière: by Laurent Feneyrou.
    13. More Light: On Morton Feldman: by Laurent Feneyrou.
    14. Morton Feldman and The Shape of Time: by Louis Goldstein.
    15. Vague relations?: bar groupings and notational image in the late music of Morton Feldman: An essay by Tom Hall.
    16. The Auditive Memory and its function in the late works of Morton Feldman: by Bryn Harrison.
    17. The Sounds of the Sounds Themselves - Analyzing the Early Music of Morton Feldman: by Catherine Costello Hirata.
    18. A Study on the Rug Patterns and Morton Feldman's Approach: by Amir Ahmad Javadi and Mamoru Fujieda.
    19. On Repetition, Habit and Involuntary Memory: An Analysis and Speculation upon Morton Feldman's Final Composition: by Brian Kane.
    20. Remembrance of Things Present: by Clark Lunberry.
    21. Departing Landscapes - Morton Feldman's String Quartet II and Triadic Memories: by Clark Lunberry.
    22. Hearing the Wood for the Trees: Morton Feldman's Three Voices (1982): by Daniel March.
    23. Morton Feldman - Music for the film "Jackson Pollock": by Olivia Mattis.
    24. Precision and Anarchy in Feldman's Work: by Chico Mello.
    25. Presence - Mahler and New Music: by Grant Nebel.
    26. New York, 1960: Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Morton Feldman dismantle a pop song: by Simon Obert.
    27. Analysis of Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2: by Magnus Olsen Majmon (in Danish). (Also in English.)
    28. Did Modernism Fail Morton Feldman? : by Molly and Paul Paccione.
    29. Morton Feldman - Piano and Orchestra: by Hernán D. Ramallo (in Spanish).
    30. Feldman's "Durations I" - a discussion: by Frank Sani.
    31. Why patterns? An analysis of Morton Feldman's "Piano and string quartet": by Frank Sani.
    32. Morton Feldman's "Palais de Mari" - a pitch analysis: by Frank Sani.
    33. Feldman's B Flat: by Howard Skempton.
    34. A musical work emerges and disappears - Morton Feldman's The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar: by Peter Söderberg.
    35. Note on the Text of "Only": by Chris Villars.
    36. The Story of Morton Feldman's The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar: by Chris Villars.
    37. Note on the Early Performance History of Morton Feldman's Second String Quartet: by Chris Villars.
    38. Imagined Stage Production of Morton Feldman's Opera, "Neither": by Chris Villars.
    39. Feldman's Five Pianos and Sibelius's Fourth Symphony - a Speculation: by Chris Villars.
    40. Mutually Speaking: Feldman on Wolff and Wolff on Feldman: by Nicola Walker Smith.
    41. Feldman the Rug-maker, Weaving For John Cage: by Meg Wilhoite.
    42. Summary of "Music Growing Through Time: Late Works of Morton Feldman": by Petr Zvěřina.
  7. Interviews with Feldman:
    1. Morton Feldman: Speaking of Music, 1986: Feldman in conversation with Charles Amirkhanian.
    2. Touch: An Interview with Morton Feldman, 20 May, 1985: by Michael Auping.
    3. Feldman Interview from "International Times": by Alan Beckett.
    4. The Brink of Silence: by Richard Bernas and Adrian Jack.
    5. A l'écart des grandes villes: by Jean-Yves Bosseur. (Also in English.)
    6. Morton Feldman - L'Attente: by Martine Cadieu. (Also in English.)
    7. From the Film "Elliott Carter at Buffalo" (1980).
    8. Remarks from an interview by Steve Cellum, 1984: transcribed by Charles Amirkhanian.
    9. Conversation with Austin Clarkson about Stefan Wolpe, 13 November 1980.
    10. Creating the sound of Rothko: by Carl Cunningham.
    11. Feldman Explains Himself: by Peter Dickinson.
    12. Interview with Françoise Esselier (1970): English translation by Ivan Ilić.
    13. The Note Man and the Word Man: by Everett C. Frost.
    14. Feldman Interview from Soundpieces: by Cole Gagne and Tracy Caras.
    15. H. C. E. (Here Comes Everybody) - Morton Feldman in conversation with Peter Gena.
    16. Morton Feldman in conversation with Christopher Gough and Roger Woodward.
    17. Morton Feldman talks to Paul Griffiths.
    18. Remembrance: by Tom Johnson.
    19. An Interview with Morton Feldman: by Jolyon Laycock and David Charlton.
    20. Captain Cook's First Voyage: by Richard Wood Massi.
    21. Interview with Morton Feldman, 1968: by Kurt von Meier
    22. Morton Feldman, Earle Brown and Heinz-Klaus Metzger in Discussion.
    23. Pie-Slicing and Small Moves - Morton Feldman in conversation with Stuart Morgan.
    24. Morton Feldman in conversation with Michael Oliver.
    25. Morton Feldman Interview: by Fred Orton and Gavin Bryars.
    26. From To A Violent Grave: by Jeffrey Potter.
    27. Morton Feldman: Interview with Han Reiziger, 1985.
    28. Interview with Charles Shere (1967).
    29. Interview with Howard Skempton (1977)
    30. Beckett as Librettist: by Howard Skempton.
    31. Dusting Underneath the Table: Morton Feldman and Toru Takemitsu in Conversation, November 1977
    32. Conversation with Morton Feldman: by Kevin Volans.
    33. Morton Feldman - Conversation without Cage: by Michael Whiticker.
    34. An Interview with Morton Feldman: by Jan Williams.
    35. Conversation between Morton Feldman and Walter Zimmermann.
  8. Lectures and articles by Feldman himself:
    1. Extensions, Intermissions and Intersections.
    2. A Note on "Five Pianos"
    3. Toronto Lecture: transcribed by Linda Catlin Smith.
    4. Dedication to Cornelius Cardew
    5. To Have Known Stefan Wolpe: transcribed by Austin Clarkson.
    6. Morton Feldman - Current Trends in America: transcribed by Rüdiger Meyer.
    7. Feldman on Feldman: transcribed by Rüdiger Meyer.
    8. The Johannesburg Masterclasses, July 1983: transcribed by Dirk de Klerk.
    9. Symétrie tronquée
    10. Darmstadt (1986)
    11. Remarks on Varèse
    12. Twelve Tone Technique in Varèse's Déserts: transcribed by Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars.
    13. Remarks after a performance of String Quartet No. 1: transcribed by Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars.
    14. DAAD Statement
    15. Statement (1952)
    16. Darmstadt Lecture 1984
    17. Lecture on Violin and Orchestra: transcript by Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars of Feldman's 1986 June in Buffalo Lecture.
    18. Excerpts from the 1986 Darmstadt Lecture: transcribed by Ivan Ilić.
    19. Lecture on For Christian Wolff: a complete transcript by Paul van Emmerik, Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars of Feldman's 1986 Darmstadt Lecture.
    20. Programme Note for The Viola in My Life IV
    21. Remarks on Piano: transcribed by Robert Krupnick and Chris Villars.